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Having a whiter, brighter smile can help you feel more confident at work and in social situations. With the Zoom whitening system, Dr. Rayet helps men and women from throughout the Marina del Rey, CA, area get beautiful, natural-looking results so they can face the world with a more confident smile.

Zoom Whitening

What is Zoom tooth whitening?

Zoom tooth whitening is a simple procedure that uses the safe but powerful combination of a special hydrogen peroxide gel and light activation to whiten and brighten teeth, not just on the enamel surface, but in the underlying layers of dentin as well. The Zoom procedure was designed specifically for application in a dentist's office, and it provides results that are more effective and longer-lasting than over-the-counter whitening products.

What is the Zoom procedure like?

In most cases, you'll have a regular dental cleaning first to make sure teeth are clean so penetration of the formula is consistent. Before the whitening gel is applied to your teeth, a special mouthpiece will be inserted to move your lips out of the way and ensure your teeth have maximum exposure to the activating light. Once the gel is applied, the light will be focused on your teeth for about 15 minutes. Afterward, the gel will be gently cleaned from your teeth, and you'll be able to enjoy your brighter smile. Most people benefit from a series of three treatments for best effects.

Will Zoom cause my teeth to become permanently sensitive?

No, Zoom does not cause permanent sensitivity. Some patients with very sensitive teeth may experience mild sensitivity following treatment, but that quickly resolves. Unlike over-the-counter applications that rely on the customer to apply them correctly, Zoom is designed for professional use, which means Dr. Rayet and her staff use special techniques to apply and administer the treatment, resulting in far less risk of sensitivity. Plus, because Dr. Rayet examines your teeth before whitening, she can treat tiny cracks or early signs of decay prior to whitening to reduce the likelihood of sensitivity.

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Dr. Rayet accepts major insurance providers.

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