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Having straight teeth can do wonders for your appearance - and your confidence. At her Maria del Rey, CA, office, Dr. Rayet uses the state-of-the-art Invisalign alignment system to help patients get the beautiful smiles they crave without the hassles of traditional metal braces.

Invisalign Q&A

How is Invisalign different from traditional metal braces?

Unlike traditional braces that use wires and bands or surface mounts to connect the wires, Invisalign uses clear plastic trays called aligners that are custom-molded to your teeth. Over time, these aligners shift your teeth into their new positions. Many patients prefer Invisalign because the aligners:

  • can be easily removed for eating, brushing, flossing and dental visits

  • can be removed when needed for special occasions

  • don't have any sharp parts to cut into lips

  • are nearly invisible while worn

Invisalign can be a great solution for many patients, but not all patients are ideal candidates. Dr. Rayet will be able to determine during your office visit if Invisalign could be a good choice for you.

What kinds of issues can Invisalign address?

Invisalign was designed to treat the same types of issues as traditional braces, including:

  • overbites – where top teeth protrude too far over the lower teeth

  • underbites – where lower teeth extend over the upper teeth when the mouth is closed

  • crossbites – a condition which may include partial underbite and overbite issues

  • overcrowding

  • gaps and other spacing issues

What is Invisalign treatment like?

Invisalign begins with an impression, or mold, of your teeth. The impression is scanned by a computer using special software designed to create a series of 3-D models. These models show the series of progressions your teeth would need to take to move into proper alignment, and they're used to determine the number and shape of aligner trays you'll need for your treatment. During the actual Invisalign treatment, you'll need to change your aligners about every two weeks. Most patients can complete their treatment within about 18 months – some patients may need a little more or less time. Dr. Rayet will be able to discuss your program following your evaluation.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Dr. Rayet accepts major insurance providers.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Anthem Blue Cross of California
Assurant Employee Benefits
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Shield of California
Delta Dental
GEHA Health Plans
Health Net
Lincoln Financial Group
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    "I've been going to Dr. Rayet for several years and she's great. Her staff is very professional and they really do a great job."

    Michael K.
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    "That was the least unpleasant dentist visit I have ever experienced. It was almost relaxing. Dr. Rayet is truly talented, skillful, and considerate."

    Kiko S.
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    "Dr. Rayet did excellent work, it was the least painful dentist visit ever. My teeth look great, they matched the color of the crowns and I even avoided a root canal!"

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