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Dr. Rayet is a leading provider of dental implants in the Marina del Rey, CA, area, using advanced techniques and materials to help men and women replace lost teeth without resorting to bridges or partial dentures.

Implant Placement and Restoration Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that can be used to replace teeth lost to decay or trauma. They feature a titanium post that extends into the bone and serves as the tooth root and an artificial tooth or crown placed on top of the post. Implants are designed to be as durable as your natural teeth and to blend in with your surrounding teeth for a comfortable, natural fit and appearance. Many people prefer implants to implants or dentures because they feel more like their natural teeth and there are no risks of sore spots.

What's involved in getting a dental implant?

The implant procedure takes several visits. During the first visit, the titanium post will be implanted in your jaw. In cases where there is not enough bone to support the post, a bone graft can be used to build up the bone. Once the posts are in place, they'll need several weeks to fuse with the bone before the next step can take place. At your second visit, a special attachment called an abutment will be connected to the post and an impression will be made which will serve as a model for your crown. During the next visit, the crown will be attached to the abutment and shaped for a comfortable fit.

Do implants need special care?

Implants can be cared for just like your own natural teeth. Just be sure to brush and floss regularly using proper techniques to keep the gums around the implant free of bacteria. Some people think that because an implant is artificial, it doesn't require regular dental care – but that's not so. The gums surrounding the implant can still become infected, just like the gums around your natural teeth. Seeing Dr. Rayet for regular checkups will help ensure the gums (and your natural teeth) remain healthy.

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Dr. Rayet accepts major insurance providers.

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